About the Author

Kara was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She married her high-school sweetheart and together they traveled for a number of years before attending college. Kara went on to receive a BA, MA, and law degree from George Washington University and later a LLM from the University of Washington. She currently resides in Bellingham, Washington with her husband and three lovely boys who constantly keep her on her toes.

Since the age of four, the death of her grandparents has haunted Kara. While the event itself certainly altered the course of her life, it continues to influence her on a daily basis. Families who experience horrific tragedies without any closure often dwell on the event as her family has done. It is her hope that through enabling the reader to interact with the unsolved crime by examining the facts, providing scientific knowledge, to develop their own theory of what happened, and by creating an online forum to discuss their theories, the Armchair Sleuth may provide information that leads to closure for her family and other families as well. She seeks to create publicity and interest in unsolved crimes that have long since been forgotten by law enforcement.