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Letter to Larry & Gary

March 17, 1978


Dear Larry & Gary,


I hope you guys are doing ok? I think we are doing real good, I’m not sure.  We have lots of questions.

1. Uncle Bob Edwards said dad said he made a secret compartment on the boat to put papers in and he said nobody would find it.  See if you can find it or we can look later.

2. What happened to the money that was put up for the bond? See if you can get it back.

3. The FBI wants Lori and I and Gary to take lie detector tests - they said they were going to get to the bottom of this.

4. The press will meet you at the airport – be aware – Gary do you want Lynn to come to the airport.


We miss we you both and wish you were home – we all did to talk to you. 


I love you both, Kerry


PS I am doing great, my head is just fine – I have a crew cut now.  Only ½ her head – still hair on the other side.


Hi my turn.  We’re going on Sunday to look for papers in the storage at grandmas.  It’s the only place we know to look.  A lawyer is going with us to catalogue all the papers we find.  Everything is going OK for everyone.  The whole family is holding up well.  Lots of things need to be decided, but we’re waiting to talk to the both of you to do anything.


We’ll do it when we know what to do. If I don’t make any sense, please understand; I haven’t been lately.  We’re all worried about two and can’t wait to see you.  Hope you’re having some fun while you’re there.  Keep in touch!!!  Lots of love from all of us.  Jody


We’ll after reading what your sisters wrote I’ll make mine brief.  I miss you and will be happy to see you move home.  Take care.  See you soon, Love Lori


We’re all proud of you Gary.  You’ve handled everything so well.  Lots of love from everyone & thanks for being strong enough.